Monthly Archives: December 2013

The Art of the Follow Up

Poll any number of sales reps asking what the worst part of selling is and I bet the overwhelming response will be follow-up; worse than going through dry spells or dealing with mean customers, is the grind of the follow-up. Now granted, I’ve met sales reps who take their follow-up jobs seriously and those who don’t, but it’s almost universal that reps that master the habit of follow-up build better relationships with their customer’s and set more appointments.

The key to being successful with follow-ups is finding the right balance between too much and not enough. A next day follow-up call is almost a must, in any situation, whether it’s an internet lead follow-up, missed appointment, sold etc. is irrelevant. I personally always liked the stagger method with my opportunities: a call followed by an email, then just an email the next day, followed by another call and email the following day, rinse and repeat for about a week to ten days, then I taper off to just emails going out to a month. It’s important to keep following up to stay relevant until you build that rapport, because until then you’re probably competing with other dealers.

Price is important, but so is the buying process and the buying process starts the second they get an email or phone call from you. My advice is to not overdo it. If you’ve left many voicemails in the past, stop leaving voicemails unless you have something new to say. Try calling at difference times of the day to see if your customer picks up the phone, because any answer is better than no answer. As for content when you leave a voicemail, do you sound excited? Are you offering any value on the voicemail or are you looking to take value? It’s amazing what a positive tone and change in energy can do to increase responses. Notice the difference from, “just checking to see if you’re in the market still so….call me back, my number is…” to “Hey so-and-so we just received some very nice xyz in stock, beautiful cars, let me know when you’d like to come down for a test drive, also looks like we can pay top dollar for your trade etc…!” the key is to sound somewhat excited, if anything, you’ll stand out from the other dealers that are leaving them messages.

What do you think about your follow-up process? How effective has it been?