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Tired of trying to Stop the Clock?

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The Use and Support of CRM in the Automotive Dealership

I have run into the same conundrum a few times over the last couple of months.  Who is responsible for the understanding of Customer Relationship Management Software in the dealership?  I have heard a couple of different philosophies and I’m not quite sure which is correct however I have my own opinions.

When a dealership takes on a new CRM company, responsibility falls on many individuals.  It is up to the previous CRM company to provide the customer data to the new CRM company.  It is up to the dealership personnel to verify that this data is showing properly in the new CRM system.  It is the responsibility of the new CRM company to train the staff around proper use of the new tool. Finally, it is up to the dealership management to enforce and regulate the use of the tool within their store.

Every store that I have worked in has had a CRM in place. It was always up to me to figure out how it worked on my own.  I am not technically savvy, by any means. But I always figured out how to do what I needed to do, to get my customer in that tool and sell them a car.  If there was an issue with logging calls, I figured out how to get around it.  If there was an abundance of auto emails, I worked out a way to stop them.  Maybe I am the exception to the rule but I used that CRM to the best of my ability.  After all, it held all of my customer information.  It was the only place I knew where to find the best way to communicate with them to sell them a car.  This is also where I looked if an issue came up with that sale or if I wanted to approach them for another sale.

Of course, I also ran into those select few people that complained about the system:

“It doesn’t send emails correctly!”

“I don’t receive any of my follow up emails!”

“Where in the world do I find my sold customers?”

Sound Familiar? What I found with these people was that they blamed the system for doing things they did not understand how to change or make work to their advantage.

Whose responsibility is it to train these sales people and maintain their knowledge of the tools they are given?  Their managers? The CRM Software provider? Themselves?

At iMagicLab, I am a trainer.  I work with a great team to make sure I have all of the tools I need, to provide my clients with the information they need, to make a living.  However, we can only do so much to help.  We offer some fantastic resources to Dealers and their employees in order to give them the tools to use their CRM system to it’s full potential.  With so much turnover in staff in this lovely world we call the car business, is it logical to assume someone will be there every week, month, or year to continuously train people that may move on to another career in a month?  This is why iMagicLab offers iML University, a collection of training videos and tutorials right in DealerCRM. It’s available 24/7 at no additional cost to assist Dealers in training and educating their staff during the ramp up to their debut on the Sales Floor. It’s also useful to more experienced members of the team as changes and updates occur within the CRM tool.

It is up to  the dealership management to verify their staff understands the use of the CRM System and that they complete training.  iML University also offers tracking so that management can see their teams progress through the university courses.  It is up to them to maintain their knowledge by holding them accountable in the use of said tool.  Management expects you to know the product you are selling, shouldn’t it be fair that you know the tools you use to sell the product?

For those who don’t have the patience to view videos looking for answers we have a searchable database of Frequently Asked Questions in our DealerCRM Support Center.  This knowledge base is added to daily and offers answers for most of the common questions regarding the functions and use of DealerCRM and soon CRMSuite.  We do understand that sometimes a video or general FAQ article aren’t going to answer your specific question however.  And for that reason we’ve launched something really exciting within the last two weeks.  LIVE CHAT!

Have you used our Live Chat button on your MyDay Page yet?  If not, give it a click and let us know what you think. You can chat live Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm with actual iMagicLab, DealerCRM experts. It’s not a computer and it’s not a call center who are going to reply to you. These are genuine iMagicLab trainers and support team members who work in the tool daily, such as myself. We are here to get you straight to the information you need to continue on with your day and to be as productive as possible.

Give it a whirl and let us know what you think!

Simply Hit the Live Chat Button/Help Button on your MyDay Page or visit the DealerCRM Support Center

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