Smile… It’s your best feature!

One thing I’ve learned while in the car business, and being surrounded by co workers and customers is, YOU NEED TO SMILE. Who likes buying cars? Not me! But, why? Car buying should be fun! However, the fear most customers have is dealing with your stereotypical greasy car salesmen, the suspicion that they may lie to you, while sitting in a low energy dealership for hours… How can we change the mentality? A study has shown that people would rather go through the hassle of preparing for a wedding for months than spend one hour at a car dealership.

Everyone has bad days, myself included. It really is incredible what a smile can do though. Have you ever been in one of those moods and a stranger just gave you a grin and it made you feel better; just a teeny, tiny bit? Customers love that! They are already anticipating a know it all salesman to greet them with their latest catchphrase. Expecting to be on the defensive as soon as they set foot on the lot. How inviting would a genuine smile be! It’s disarming and helps to build trust between yourself and your potential customer. You want your customer to open up to you and tell you what they want and not just give the, “Oh, I’m just looking” and blow you off as they walk away in the opposite direction.

Every sales rep has had these types of encounters. Let’s be honest, they stink. You have a much better chance of turning a casual stroll around your lot into a real opportunity if you approach your potential customer with open body language, lose the fast walk (like you’re trying to beat the other sales rep on the lot to the customer) and greet them with a smile and casual demeanor. Make it genuine and be yourself.

Now, imagine that customer shaking your hand after the deal has been done. What is that conversation like? “Thank you, enjoy your new vehicle.” Who isn’t going to smile then? You have a happy customer ready to peel off in a new car! A smile is a welcoming. A smile is encouraging. A smile is your best feature. Make sure you give them out and I guarantee you’ll receive them in return!

What have your experiences been like as a rep? How are things different when you make a concerted effort to connect with your customer as opposed to those days you just aren’t feeling like a ray of sunshine? Was there ever a customer who turned YOUR day around?

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