What is the central hub of your store?


What is your epicenter? Where does everything happen? What do you need for everything to happen? YOU! Your body. You are your own epicenter will limbs attached that assist you in your everyday life. If you were restricted from using one of those limbs, how difficult would that be? Not entirely impossible, but it would for sure make things more difficult. Nothing would flow correctly. In the car world, the epicenter is the showroom floor. Everything stems out from the Showroom right at the time you sit down and say, “I want that one!”

While in the automotive retail sector myself, I observed that just like the limbs of your body, all departments need to work together. This ensures we reach the ultimate goal as a store; get the customer on the road happy. Let me paint a picture for you: Mr. Customer walks onto the lot to be greeted by a salesperson, once a vehicle is selected, the next step is the showroom floor where all the magic happens. Numbers are agreed upon and Mr. Customer goes to finance. When the customer is waiting to enter finance, their selected vehicle is rushed to the back to be spruced up by the car port employees. Roughly 50% of the time, the customer is out of finance before their vehicle is finished. Many dealerships will then set up their customers first oil change. What’s that? Now the service department is involved? Of course it is! The limbs all work together.

You may not think all departments in a dealership need each other, but they most certainly do. All work in accordance! Lot, showroom floor, finance, car port and service. Those are just a few of the main departments. Many departments have people who work behind the scenes, most your customers will never see. How do we thank them? How do we show appreciation? It’s the little things! Pizza, Starbucks or even donuts on occasion. We all need each other to function. Show you’re grateful!

Have you ever taken a step back to see the big picture at your store? Has a certain part of the dealership ever fallen “short?” How did you overcome? I want to know!

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