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About iMagicLab

iMagicLab is the nation's most dynamic and innovative automotive software provider. Boasting a top notch team and highly skilled executives with real world Automotive experience. Our top executives are industry leaders and have the numbers to prove it. iMagicLab's CRM software has been hailed as the premier Automotive CRM by magazines, periodicals, consultants and car dealers alike. With elbow to elbow training, and customized support for each store, iMagicLab delivers excellence to their dealer partners with a personal touch. Knowing exactly what Auto Pros need, at each store, is half the battle. iMagicLab continues to dominate the space with its groundbreaking products and services. Stay tuned for launch information about our newest offering, CRMSuite.

World Class Support from iMagicLab

iMagicLab is pleased to announce that our new Sarasota Support Center is online and ready to assist our Dealer Partners. To reach us dial (855)-iMAGIC-1, email or use the live chat option from the help button in your tool (or direct at So phone, email or chat, and here’s the best part, from 8am EST to 11pm EST, 7 days a week. That’s right, we’re now open weekends and until 11PM on the East Coast, 8PM on the West Coast, everyday!

In addition, there are thousands of help documents, videos and even a community (to chat with us and other dealers in) on our support portal at!

Get to know the new iMagicLab, we’ve grown and changed a lot and we’d love to talk!


Richard Keith Latman
Chief Executive Officer
iMagicLab LLC

P.S. Have you seen the new CRMSuite yet? We’re so proud and it’s now in dealerships nationwide. It’s completely different, just click the DEMO button below and we’ll get you setup today for a Free Demo!

Free Demo_CRMSuite_Blue


iMagicLab CRM – Training & Support

Are you seeking Training for DealerCRM from iMagicLab
but you seem to have arrived at our Blog instead?

Have no fear!  
We have just the place for you to find the answers you need.

Check out the DealerCRM Support Center from iMagicLab

Link to DealerCRM Support Center

DealerCRM Support Center

You can also find all the Training materials you need right inside DealerCRM. Check out the iML University via the button on the right hand side of your MyDay Screen. All of the Trainings relevant to your position within your store will be right there and we even track your progress through the training for you so you can pick right up where you left off. If you still have questions once you’ve reviewed the training hit us up via the DealerCRM Support Center for one on one assistance with your concerns. View this quick video for tips on how to use the DealerCRM Support Center.

MagicChat: Chat Should Not Be Limited To The Desktop

Chat from an Email, Website, eBrochure or Text?

Sometimes the most logical way of communicating with your customers is in real time, directly. In a perfect World that would be on the phone but more and more customers would like to do so electronically, so they can multitask. MagicChat is a standard feature of CRMSuite. It will enable you to chat with your customers from any device, mobile or desktop, and of course everything is tracked and stored in your database. So, from your phone or tablet, while watching the lot AND making calls, you can see real time chats and respond to your customers, without skipping a beat.

MagicChat. It’s about time.


Blast Every Lead to Every Salesman: Automatically

A New Way to Handle Leads is Coming – Round Robin is Dead

Next week iMagicLab’s DealerCRM will add a second way of distributing leads to your staff and we call it LeadBlast. Our existing system will remain an option. However, now when you receive a new lead, you will have an option to LeadBlast it to as many phones (by text or email addresses) as you want (up to 25) every 10 minutes. The first person to respond to that lead by calling, emailing or texting the customer will get the lead and, well, everyone else can go back to sleep. What better way to get your leads responded to at any time, day or night, than to let the people who want to help customers, get to work with your customers, who want to buy cars. We’ll tell you when it’s live in your accounts next week and oh, BTW, it’s free.

Have a great holiday weekend!

We can Hardly Contain Ourselves...

What do Google and iMagicLab have planned for the automobile CRM space?

Find out on July 2nd 2014

On July 2nd The Car Business Will Change Forever

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