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About Nichole Brooks

Nichole Brooks is a Product Specialist with iMagicLab. Having had real dealership experience in Sales, as an Internet Manager and in the BDC Department, she's a wealth of knowledge. She understands how to help those who use iMagicLab products in the real world best, because she has been in their shoes!

What is the central hub of your store?


What is your epicenter? Where does everything happen? What do you need for everything to happen? YOU! Your body. You are your own epicenter will limbs attached that assist you in your everyday life. If you were restricted from using one of those limbs, how difficult would that be? Not entirely impossible, but it would for sure make things more difficult. Nothing would flow correctly. In the car world, the epicenter is the showroom floor. Everything stems out from the Showroom right at the time you sit down and say, “I want that one!”

While in the automotive retail sector myself, I observed that just like the limbs of your body, all departments need to work together. This ensures we reach the ultimate goal as a store; get the customer on the road happy. Let me paint a picture for you: Mr. Customer walks onto the lot to be greeted by a salesperson, once a vehicle is selected, the next step is the showroom floor where all the magic happens. Numbers are agreed upon and Mr. Customer goes to finance. When the customer is waiting to enter finance, their selected vehicle is rushed to the back to be spruced up by the car port employees. Roughly 50% of the time, the customer is out of finance before their vehicle is finished. Many dealerships will then set up their customers first oil change. What’s that? Now the service department is involved? Of course it is! The limbs all work together.

You may not think all departments in a dealership need each other, but they most certainly do. All work in accordance! Lot, showroom floor, finance, car port and service. Those are just a few of the main departments. Many departments have people who work behind the scenes, most your customers will never see. How do we thank them? How do we show appreciation? It’s the little things! Pizza, Starbucks or even donuts on occasion. We all need each other to function. Show you’re grateful!

Have you ever taken a step back to see the big picture at your store? Has a certain part of the dealership ever fallen “short?” How did you overcome? I want to know!

DealerCRM: Your Personal Secretary

Who can remember the names of prospect customers from last month, let alone if and when to contact them again? Will you remember if they had a vehicle they wanted to sell, a co-signer, how much of an investment they were able to work with, which vehicle they were interested in, features that were a must and what color they preferred? No, not even your BEST salesperson could possible retain all that information for each opportunity. With iMagicLab’s DealerCRM or CRMSuite, you won’t have to. With our personalized features which allow the CRM to act like your very own secretary, all you have to do is remember how to say, “Hello.”

Action Plans are created manually by someone at your dealership. They are fully customizable and unique to your store. Meaning, if you would like an alert to call a prospect the day after you meet, send a “thank you” email three days after or a reminder to reach out again in two weeks, it is completely up to you. There are usually one or two people, in any given store, who have the PIN number to access your store’s Actions Plans. While iMagicLab won’t change your actions plans or simply assign a generic action plan to your store we do offer guidance and feedback to help your store get the maximum benefit from the Action Plans and close more often. And who doesn’t like more money in their pocket?

What is the best kind of customer? One who will pay cash? A business man with a large down payment? An eager first time buyer willing to get into anything? An older person you can slam? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, please do yourself a favor, and find a new career. The best kind of customer is a Return Customer – one who keeps coming back. It means you’ve done your job, and excellently at that. If you don’t like your hairstylist – and let’s be real, that’s major – you’re not going to go back! Trust is a large factor, in creating repeat customers, and in reality you only have about five minutes to build that trust.

People have busy lives, but I guarantee they will remember when their current lease is up or their financing is coming to an end. Who doesn’t count the days until that final car payment is in the mail? But, will you remember those dates for each of your previous customers? Probably not. Let us remember for you. Alerting you to get that customer back into the dealership will not only benefit them, but you as well. They have the chance to upgrade or go all out with a completely new model (everybody wants the new hotness on the lot) and you have a potential return buyer. Take advantage of that and let us help.

What have you found to be the most beneficial part of using DealerCRM or CRMSuite to personalize your store’s action plans and/or help you to follow up with past customers and potential opportunities?

Smile… It’s your best feature!

One thing I’ve learned while in the car business, and being surrounded by co workers and customers is, YOU NEED TO SMILE. Who likes buying cars? Not me! But, why? Car buying should be fun! However, the fear most customers have is dealing with your stereotypical greasy car salesmen, the suspicion that they may lie to you, while sitting in a low energy dealership for hours… How can we change the mentality? A study has shown that people would rather go through the hassle of preparing for a wedding for months than spend one hour at a car dealership.

Everyone has bad days, myself included. It really is incredible what a smile can do though. Have you ever been in one of those moods and a stranger just gave you a grin and it made you feel better; just a teeny, tiny bit? Customers love that! They are already anticipating a know it all salesman to greet them with their latest catchphrase. Expecting to be on the defensive as soon as they set foot on the lot. How inviting would a genuine smile be! It’s disarming and helps to build trust between yourself and your potential customer. You want your customer to open up to you and tell you what they want and not just give the, “Oh, I’m just looking” and blow you off as they walk away in the opposite direction.

Every sales rep has had these types of encounters. Let’s be honest, they stink. You have a much better chance of turning a casual stroll around your lot into a real opportunity if you approach your potential customer with open body language, lose the fast walk (like you’re trying to beat the other sales rep on the lot to the customer) and greet them with a smile and casual demeanor. Make it genuine and be yourself.

Now, imagine that customer shaking your hand after the deal has been done. What is that conversation like? “Thank you, enjoy your new vehicle.” Who isn’t going to smile then? You have a happy customer ready to peel off in a new car! A smile is a welcoming. A smile is encouraging. A smile is your best feature. Make sure you give them out and I guarantee you’ll receive them in return!

What have your experiences been like as a rep? How are things different when you make a concerted effort to connect with your customer as opposed to those days you just aren’t feeling like a ray of sunshine? Was there ever a customer who turned YOUR day around?