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Automotive Sales: 4 Means to a More Efficient CRM

It’s a new year, and the automotive marketplace is now more data-centric than ever before. Customer Relationship Management is one of the most essential tools you and your dealership can use to organize, track and store this data and ultimately close more deals. Regardless of the size of your store, or how many rooftops there are in your group, the implementation of a CRM has been shown to increase productivity by as much as 30% when used efficiently.

The only way to ensure effective CRM use and increased productivity is to insist on standardization, accuracy and consistency. You must gain your entire team’s “buy in” first. Once you have established these attributes amongst your team, you may utilize the four points below to streamline your efficiency in its use. In turn, this will increase your closings, and improve your rate on return, specifically as it pertains to your investment in the CRM.

1.  Using CRMSuite ActivityFocus or a Lead Scoring System:

For More About ActivityFocus

For More About ActivityFocus

CRMSuite takes the guess work out of creating an effective algorithm, which will determine which leads are the “hottest”, within your CRM’s database. How often are your salespeople interacting with an individual? How frequently is that prospect engaging with your store? What time of day do they appear to engage with you more often? What medium (email, phone, text) do they respond to best? These are just some of the factors which the system takes into consideration when scoring leads.

A lead score is nothing but a score which is assigned to every lead entered in your CRM database. The higher the score, which is based on a proprietary algorithm that defines your ideal customer, the “hotter” the lead. By utilizing this feature of the CRM, the leads which are most likely to convert, are bubbled to the top, in real-time, for your sales people to contact. Giving sales people the deals which they will most likely be able to close, right now.

No need to fumble through hundreds of leads and make ill received calls. Most sales professionals spend nearly a quarter of their time simply searching for information. With a lead scoring system in place, they are able to target those leads, which are most likely conversions, with little to no effort. In turn you will see your number of closed deals increase each month. You’re not just closing more deals in less time. You are engaging those leads at the time that they are most likely to be willing to hear your message.

2.  Current Lead Social Data:

Social Data in Real Time

Social Media is here to stay. Now more than ever, people are sharing every aspect of their lives online. Though 45% of your customers interact with brands on social platforms; this isn’t as much about having a presence for your brand on social media, as it is about collecting your prospects social data for your own purposes.

CRMSuite “scrapes” all of the publicly available social data from your prospects profiles to aid your sales team in their efforts to close potential customers. Social Media data is an excellent source of up to the minute information… and it’s free of cost to you. This includes profile pictures and most recent updates which help you to better understand, and ultimately pitch prospects.

CRMSuite is “thee” most Social CRM on the market today. It collects everything from the leads most recent tweet to their alternate phone numbers as they have provided them to various social platforms throughout the years. It not only pulls all social data on your customer when the lead is created, but also automatically refreshes this information to keep the lead social data current. This means never missing the latest Updates and Profiles images on your customer. The proper implementation of a Social CRM system, such as this, has been shown to increase sales productivity by as much as 12% over time.

3.  Updating Lead Data in One Place: 

Desk the deal from anywhere

The background systems in CRMSuite can refresh social data automatically, sure, but interactions, contacts made, meeting notes and preferred phone numbers and addresses etc. are all manually input by your sales people. Inputting this data in a timely fashion, keeping it accurate and all in one place, is vital to the system and it’s ability to score leads. As well as being essential to your staff, for their future appointments and contact with this lead.

Most CRMs today are wonderfully equipped to allow all the relevant information to be input into the system, no matter what device you use to input it. CRMSuite is not to be out done with a user interface which lend itself incredibly well to Mobile devices as well as Mobile applications designed specifically to allow Sales People the freedom to conduct deals and engage with prospects anywhere. While keeping their data as up-to-date in the system as possible.

You can type the meeting notes, appointments, or other vital information in your tablet or mobile phone, and your CRM system will sync it across all devices instantly. This means no repetitive data entry, and tons of time saved, which can then be used to make that next contact due and schedule future appointments.

Management also greatly benefits from these features. Updating this information in the CRM provides visibility of work from each member of your team and management. Imagine never having to ask your rep the date of their next appointment, or how many calls they have made today. Imagine never having to deal with the nightmare of transferring leads and accounts with incomplete information to a new rep.

The ability to access and update data anywhere, anytime means reps are more likely to do it… which saves everyone time in the end.

4.  Smart Dashboards and Analysis:

Reporting and Analytics possibilities are limitless with CRMSuite

Limitless Analytics

Most CRMs come with a package of predefined reports. The way your store works and the way you measure your successes may not be the same as the dealership across the street. With truly customizable reporting, on a dashboard which is updated in real time, CRMSuite gives you all the tools you need to track and measure the metrics which matter to you most.

A top performer’s report can be a sales driver across the dealer group. A daily appointment report can be a productivity tool for management. A sales rep’s performance report can be a motivator. Custom reports can be a powerful tools to motivate and push sales people to close more deals. They provide the individual reps with a way to measure their own goals and for management to measure daily, weekly and monthly sales goals without pestering or micro-managing subordinates. At the executive level reporting can be more broad and provide the big picture store-by-store for the group, and month over month while assessing annual sales numbers.

The MyDay page has the ability to create multiple pages, with various customizable Apps, which can be tailored to suit any individual in the store. Smart reporting and real time analysis of the numbers, gives the entire team the power to model behaviors after what works. The better you define what is working at your store, or for a certain rep, the more efficient they (and you) ultimately become.

In Conclusion

It’s estimated that with proper CRM implementation throughout an organization there is the potential to gain as much as $6 in revenue for every $1 spent on CRM.

Are you utilizing your Customer Relationship Management tools to their fullest potential within your dealer group? What CRM efficiency tips do you implement within your team?

5 Ways to Create Happy Automotive Customers

In an age when you understand that your customer can price shop you in the five minutes you walked away to talk to the desk manager, simply by pulling out their mobile phone, how do you set your store and yourself apart? When price and availability of the vehicles on your lot can be so easily matched or beaten how will you set up not only repeat purchases but referrals from future prospects?

CRMSuite can Help:

  1. Excellent Customer Support –

    You already have the sincere enthusiasm, firm handshake and winning smile locked up. Use CRMSuite to help you respond to Leads, Follow up with Prospects and Make contact with each sold customer long after the vehicle has been driven off the lot.

  2. Transparency & Responsibility –

    You already own your sold customers and make sure that your store is with them from the initial receipt of the lead, through the sale and service, and back to their next vehicle. AutoPencil allows for total transparency during the desking process. Give your customer all of the numbers up front and in a clearly formatted, beautiful template which automatically calculates the payments etc. during the negotiating process. Never leave your customers side to go to the desk, and have your customer sign the deal right from the driver’s seat of the vehicle they love.

  3. Incentives & Rewards –

    OEM Incentives are great, but you want to give your customers a little something extra. Offer rewards for referral leads and use CRMSuite to track the lead sources and note customer rewards.

  4. Engage & Personalize –

    CRMSuite is thee most Social CRM on the Market. Using proprietary algorithms and public information we match customer profiles with your customer records within CRMSuite. View your customer latest activities and recent profile photo right on their record. Link back to customer profiles so you can be prepared to greet them with your common interests and useful information to build value once you’ve set that all important appointment.

  5. Measure & Analyze Satisfaction –

    Make goals for your team and implement ways to measure your customers satisfaction with them. Use the wide variety of reporting and MyDay modules to see all your numbers at a glance, updated in real time and drill down for detail right from your dashboard.

Happy Customer Infographic

MagicChat: Chat Should Not Be Limited To The Desktop

Chat from an Email, Website, eBrochure or Text?

Sometimes the most logical way of communicating with your customers is in real time, directly. In a perfect World that would be on the phone but more and more customers would like to do so electronically, so they can multitask. MagicChat is a standard feature of CRMSuite. It will enable you to chat with your customers from any device, mobile or desktop, and of course everything is tracked and stored in your database. So, from your phone or tablet, while watching the lot AND making calls, you can see real time chats and respond to your customers, without skipping a beat.

MagicChat. It’s about time.


What a 20 group should be…


This week in the SLS Hotel in Miami South Beach, iML held another installment of our Product Advisory Group conferences. Everyone in attendance is either a major player at one of our dealer partner dealerships or a high level consultant in the automotive space. We had dealer partners ranging from brand new additions to the group to those who have been with us nearly a decade. This dynamic proved to be a perfect match, as it made for the most spirited and productive PAG conference to date.

Our CEO, Richard Keith Latman, gave an even deeper level overview of our new CRMSuite product and features. He also discussed several topics which I will broad stroke over the next few articles. Some of the topics that were debated and discussed were traditional action plans vs the activity focused approach, onsite vs video training, call pools vs round robin distribution, lead ownership and many more topics. I will give you a 10,000 ft view of some of the great insight shared in the sessions over the next few weeks.

Cocktail Hour

The purpose of this article however is to make the point that maybe this is what a 20 group should be. In this PAG conference, there were a bunch of folks who regularly attend 20 groups. When the question was asked by a member of the iML team “Is this what a 20 group meeting is like”, the response was a resounding “NOOOO”. 20 groups are designed to be a forum where great minds and proven professionals get together and exchange ideas in the hope that they make each other better. We were also advised there are typically charts and financials etc presented while everyone shares what is working for them in their market. Well these PAG sessions were nothing like that but I think had similar intent and effect. There were no gloves worn in the open forum sessions while discussing the aforementioned topics. Everyone respectfully shared multiple points of view and at moments it got pretty intense but in a good way. Most importantly I think everyone walked away with something they will take back to their respective dealerships and dealer groups. Something that will help them do better business tomorrow. iMagicLab learned a great deal from these exchanges as well. All that does is help us produce an even better product for our dealer partners.


After each day we had dinner together and shared even more ideas. The true testament, to how successful this event this really was, happened on our last night in Miami. Everyone was on their own to explore Miami (who wouldn’t love that?) and what did 95% of our partners do? They collectively had dinner and went out with each other. We were in Miami where we could do soooo many things; however, we finished our trip like we began… together.

Last Supper

Is this what your 20 group is like? Does it extend beyond the meeting room? Maybe it should. Maybe we should take a look at this industry as a whole and RE-THINK it all.


We Caused a Stir

We invited industry leaders to iMagicLab headquarters in Baltimore, MD to take a sneak peak under the hood of our newest product, CRMSuite, and provide us with feedback on our current DealerCRM product.  Several clients and industry consultants visited on June 13th and 14th for our first ever Product Advisory Group.

The reviews we received from our clients and the feed back from well known industry insiders was nothing less than phenomenal.  We were elated when given props by what we would consider one of the toughest lineups in the industry.

“I almost HATE to admit it, but Keith Latman and Chris Vitale got me more excited and eager to test drive the soon to be in limited release iMagicLab “CRMsuite” than I have been about any other CRM application in over ten years…”  Ralph Paglia on Keith Latman Creates CRM Think Tank Sessions at iMagicLab

While we don’t like to toot our own horn, ok maybe we do, we are bringing to market a game changer in the automotive CRM space and our constituents agree.


bradley etclotconference

Joe Web of said “And I am also VERY excited about seeing this technology in action.  I think they will have lightning in a bottle if the tech works the way they built it to.”


“I was fortunate to be an ImagicLab dealer invited to the advisory board. We are scheduled for next gen 2.0 install next quarter. I arrived home to Seattle from Baltimore energized knowing this upgrade will allow us to maintain our 20% growth year over year over year. We will be the cutting edge dealer in the NW. It will allow our employees to grow at the rate they deserve generated by their own work habits. The ease of use will triple the utilization of even the best usage dealers. You had better call Vitale now if you expect to keep up with this Ford Dealer.” – Tony Rehn, GM, Evergreen Ford

Visit to get more information.