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Sales and Service within DealerCRM

woeurieHow many dealerships utilize their Service Department? I mean REALLY utilize their Service Department. The answer, not too many. If you do not have a marketing tool for Service clients within your current CRM, you are missing out on already loyal customers who have chosen your dealership to service their vehicles.

DealerCRM is different. We can utilize your Service records so you can put them to good use. You can see who, of your past customers, uses your Service department to maintain their vehicles. You can also see who services their cars with you, but never purchased from you. How beneficial is it to your store to be able to market to those clients on an individual basis? Not just one mass email stating “Stop in for an oil change!” Instead something more strategic for just those owners and service clients who own a 2007-2010 Ford Focus, with less than 100,000 miles. Alternatively you could offer a free Market Analysis on their vehicle, while it is in the Service Department, during routine maintenance. We all know how nice it is to have an unexpected customer walk in to our showroom, from our service department, and end up leaving in a brand new vehicle!  What if it could happen for your dealership on a more regular basis?

Steering Wheel Vintage Ford

How important is CSI to your Service Department? I receive follow up emails regarding my service experience all of the time. My email address is included in the contact information for my parent’s vehicles, my sister’s vehicles, and a few of my client’s vehicles. I like nothing more than to receive an email from where I service my vehicle. If there is an issue, it can be corrected prior to the OEM survey being received by the customer. If it was a pleasant experience, maybe a request for a customer review online would be the next step. CSI isn’t just important for OEM manufacturer statistics, it is a great way to market your dealership on a public level. Free advertising from happy customers is better than the best paid advertising.

Who has ever had a customer that wanted more money off of their new car? I think that is just about everyone who has ever tried to sell a vehicle. What is nice about DealerCRM is that you can clearly see the Closed RO information within the client record. So that customer that wants an additional $250 off of the sale price might be justified in asking for it, especially if they average $250 per Closed RO. It also goes the other way when that person has never serviced their vehicle with your dealership but wants a deep discount. DealerCRM allows you to make more informed decisions when considering additional discounting for customers.

These are just a few ways that Service Integration within DealerCRM can help your dealership retain your customers… and sell more vehicles.  Can you see the benefits? What aspect of the Sales and Service integration has been most useful in your store?

CRM Tools for Salespeople within DealerCRM


I have held many jobs in my short lifetime.  By far, my most successful to date has been selling cars.  I wasn’t your typical sales rep.  While others were smoking, gathering in various corners, or dodging ups, I was waiting at the door for the next person to walk in.  I would walk the lot every morning, checking out trade row, seeing what the truck dropped off the night before.  I took my job very seriously, and did everything I could to make sure my 50-60 hour work weeks were not wasted on people in the dealership, who didn’t make me any money.  My biggest ally, my CRM.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 10.35.32 AM

DealerCRM holds you to a standard of Excellence.  It provides you with an organized view of your daily contacts on your MyDay screen.  DealerCRM empowers you with a search tool, called DealMagic, to dig deeper for your Sold clients.  It provides you all of those prospects from last year, who are interested in that used vehicle which just showed up in inventory, with the Pre-Owned Vehicle Alerts. DealerCRM allows you to send emails, text messages, and record phone calls within the customer record, all from one location with iCallClick and emails.  It also provides you with a variety of reports to check your own progress and for managers to view your Daily Activity.


With your MyDay screen, you have a variety of resources at your fingertips.  Emails from your clients are displayed right at the top.  When you click on the customer name, it opens up the whole customer profile in plain view.  Not only can you see the email your client sent, you can also see every contact ever made.  You can see every service the client had in your service department.  You can see every vehicle your client was ever interested in.  You have a complete customer history, right down to the email sent 4 years ago, without having to go to 4 different areas within the CRM to find it.  Hotwatches will also populate on your MyDay view, these are like little sticky notes right in the CRM to provide you with reminders.  You also  have an organized view of your phone calls by level of priority.  What is better than that?

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 10.40.31 AM



With DealerCRM, you have a search tool directly at your fingertips.  DealMagic provides you with infinite ways to search for your clients, both Sold customers and Prospects.  With DealMagic you can data mine.  You can also send email campaigns directly from the tool, specifically for your customer in a matter of minutes.  Instead of contacting a marketing company and spending money to have an email sent or a Call Campaign completed, you have the ability to do so yourself, right at your fingertips.  I mentioned searches, this tool has infinite possibilities for search criteria.  You can search for Sold clients, Prospects, Internet Leads, even Bad or Lost customers!

Daily Activity Report

Ever feel like your manager is riding you for no reason?  There are over 50 reports in DealerCRM that your manager can view with a push of a button.  My personal favorite, the Daily Activity Report.  This report allows you to change the dates to reflect the time period you want to view.  It allows you to filter by sales rep, by team, by ad source, etc.  The Daily Activity Report shows you everything for the dealership, including Service Department Activities!  No more having managers wasting 5 minutes of your life asking what you have completed for the day.  They can click on the report, drill down into, and see every call you have made, every email sent, every note entered, etc.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 10.09.15 AM

Follow Up

What’s so great about the follow up process in DealerCRM?  We make it easy!  You want to send a customer an email, do so right from the client profile.  Instead of clicking between your CRM profile and your Outlook email, do it all from one place.  When the client replies, it stays directly in your client history, you do not have to copy and paste it into the notes after the fact.  Do you want to text your customer?  Again, DealerCRM makes this possible, right from the client record.  When that client replies, you don’t need to save it in your phone forever, it stays within the client record to review 5 years down the road.  In addition to this, with iCallClick, you can call directly from your computer, work phone, cell phone, even your home phone.  If your dealership has allowed for recording calls, that recording will stay in the client history for 60 days for review at a later time.

DealerCRM has infinite possibilities when it comes to follow up  and client records!  It is forever changing, and constantly improving, to bring our dealers valuable tools which allow you to  sell cars and leave the difficult follow up schedules to us!

iMagicLab CRM – Training & Support

Are you seeking Training for DealerCRM from iMagicLab
but you seem to have arrived at our Blog instead?

Have no fear!  
We have just the place for you to find the answers you need.

Check out the DealerCRM Support Center from iMagicLab

Link to DealerCRM Support Center

DealerCRM Support Center

You can also find all the Training materials you need right inside DealerCRM. Check out the iML University via the button on the right hand side of your MyDay Screen. All of the Trainings relevant to your position within your store will be right there and we even track your progress through the training for you so you can pick right up where you left off. If you still have questions once you’ve reviewed the training hit us up via the DealerCRM Support Center for one on one assistance with your concerns. View this quick video for tips on how to use the DealerCRM Support Center.

DealerCRM: Your Personal Secretary

Who can remember the names of prospect customers from last month, let alone if and when to contact them again? Will you remember if they had a vehicle they wanted to sell, a co-signer, how much of an investment they were able to work with, which vehicle they were interested in, features that were a must and what color they preferred? No, not even your BEST salesperson could possible retain all that information for each opportunity. With iMagicLab’s DealerCRM or CRMSuite, you won’t have to. With our personalized features which allow the CRM to act like your very own secretary, all you have to do is remember how to say, “Hello.”

Action Plans are created manually by someone at your dealership. They are fully customizable and unique to your store. Meaning, if you would like an alert to call a prospect the day after you meet, send a “thank you” email three days after or a reminder to reach out again in two weeks, it is completely up to you. There are usually one or two people, in any given store, who have the PIN number to access your store’s Actions Plans. While iMagicLab won’t change your actions plans or simply assign a generic action plan to your store we do offer guidance and feedback to help your store get the maximum benefit from the Action Plans and close more often. And who doesn’t like more money in their pocket?

What is the best kind of customer? One who will pay cash? A business man with a large down payment? An eager first time buyer willing to get into anything? An older person you can slam? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, please do yourself a favor, and find a new career. The best kind of customer is a Return Customer – one who keeps coming back. It means you’ve done your job, and excellently at that. If you don’t like your hairstylist – and let’s be real, that’s major – you’re not going to go back! Trust is a large factor, in creating repeat customers, and in reality you only have about five minutes to build that trust.

People have busy lives, but I guarantee they will remember when their current lease is up or their financing is coming to an end. Who doesn’t count the days until that final car payment is in the mail? But, will you remember those dates for each of your previous customers? Probably not. Let us remember for you. Alerting you to get that customer back into the dealership will not only benefit them, but you as well. They have the chance to upgrade or go all out with a completely new model (everybody wants the new hotness on the lot) and you have a potential return buyer. Take advantage of that and let us help.

What have you found to be the most beneficial part of using DealerCRM or CRMSuite to personalize your store’s action plans and/or help you to follow up with past customers and potential opportunities?

Manager Dashboard: Management Tools within DealerCRM

Sales Managers have a lot on their plates each day. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the grind and spend the majority of your time putting out fires and trying to keep everyone happy. You assume that everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing and that the CRM is handling your Sales Reps work flow. However, why would you leave your sales staff at their computers all day and not check their work flow? Moreover, why give your salespeople the power of DealerCRM and not take advantage of the system yourself? The Manager Dashboard is an excellent at-a-glance tool within DealerCRM to manage productivity, giving you the power to check every aspect of your reps work flow and follow up with each interaction.

Salespeople, even your best and hardest workers, are likely to become complacent over time. They will usually seek the path of least resistance. In some cases they could spend more time finding a way to simply check a box in the system, than it would have taken to complete the task correctly in the first place. Utilize your Manager Dashboard to monitor your team’s activity on one easy to use page which allows you to drill down into each metric.

In the Communications Overview section of the Manager Dashboard, you can see how many Internet leads are waiting for the first organic response and how many inbound emails have gone unanswered. How many salespeople do you have right now on a demo drive, presenting a pencil or taking a car to clean up? While they’re away from their computer, what opportunities are not being worked because Mrs. Customer sent in an email two hours ago, your salesperson is the only one out of the five she’s been communicating with and he hasn’t answered her yet?

Managing your sales staff without using the Management Dashboard is about as productive as constructing a peanut butter sandwich without a knife. iMagicLab provides a superior tool with the ability to drill down into each metric. Why go without a knife and get your hands dirty?

To learn more about the Manager Dashboard, visit our Support Center and view the Manager Dashboard Tutorial and the Manager Dashboard Breakdown.

How has the Manager Dashboard improved your process as a Sales Manager? Which metrics do you watch closely and what opportunities for improvement have you found?

Getting Started with your new iMagicLab CRM

DealerCRM-facebook-coverSo, you have done it. You have made the first step in changing your dealership’s future in the world. You have partnered with the best, iMagiclab! Now, it is time to get the ball rolling with everything you need to figure out this new Customer Relationship Management system.

First, let me start off by saying, we are not your typical CRM provider. When you partner with iMagicLab, and start using DealerCRM, you have control of your dealership’s work flow. We do not schedule random calls in a one-size-fits-all follow up plan, though we do help by starting your store off with some best practices. However, our Action Plans are fully customizable down to a Rep level. We then encourage you to make changes to fit your dealership’s follow up needs. We show you how to make said changes and then work with you, using various reports within DealerCRM, to show you how our CRM is working to your advantage.

To get started we recommend consideration of the following:

  • Cut the old CRM out cold turkey! Start using DealerCRM right away. Everyone learns in a different way. Some of your staff will learn best by doing. While others prefer textbook or tutorial style learning. But what better way to learn your new CRM than to use the CRM? Make mistakes, it happens all of the time. I don’t know about you, but I learn best from my mistakes. Don’t be scared to jump right in!
  • Encourage your staff to complete all of the iML University training classes which are pertinent to them. The iML University is available for everyone who uses DealerCRM, from right on their MyDay page. This collection of Video Tutorials and Demos will give you and your team members onsite training on your time. No need to sit in a boring class looking at an overhead projection of a CRM you’ve never seen before. Trying to retain every bit of information you are shown in a short hour long class isn’t productive. iML University is available around the clock and can be revisited whenever there is a need. As a manager you’ll also be able to track your teams progress through the iML University topics.
  • Practice. Who’s heard the phrase “Practice makes Perfect?” Well, honestly, it does. The more you practice, the better you will be at working within DealerCRM. The same goes for your sales processes, techniques, work flow, etc. What better way to learn DealerCRM than to work within the system regularly?
  • Keep an open mind. DealerCRM is not your typical cookie cutter CRM. When you have work flow, it is created by your management team. iMagicLab didn’t just randomly schedule the call to your best friend who purchased a car. Keep in mind, we make updates based on dealer feedback and industry trends, regularly. We do not do this to make your life difficult. We do this to simplify the process and ultimately save you time. Time that you would be spending logging someone in, we give back to you, so you have more time to SELL THEM A CAR!
  • When we are in your store, ask questions! Do not be afraid to open you mouth and say you can’t figure something out. What would you rather do, ask a question everyone else is thinking, or keep your mouth shut and struggle later? No question is a stupid question. Not everyone knows everything about one piece of software or another. We need you to have a good understanding of DealerCRM. I would much rather you ask the question while I am there to show you, than to struggle with it and not use DealerCRM to its fullest potential.
DealerCRM Support Center

DealerCRM Support Center

Keep in mind, iML University is available 24/7 on the right side of your MyDay screen. We also have our Support Center Page available for your convenience via Help on your MyDay page. As a bonus, Monday through Friday, from 9AM to 6PM we offer Live Chat Support, available from our Support Center Page. This allows you to chat with one of our fantastic trainers, in real time! And when I say Trainer, I mean an Actual iMagicLab Product Specialist or Trainer who uses the same system you are daily.

It doesn’t get any better than that!

The Use and Support of CRM in the Automotive Dealership

I have run into the same conundrum a few times over the last couple of months.  Who is responsible for the understanding of Customer Relationship Management Software in the dealership?  I have heard a couple of different philosophies and I’m not quite sure which is correct however I have my own opinions.

When a dealership takes on a new CRM company, responsibility falls on many individuals.  It is up to the previous CRM company to provide the customer data to the new CRM company.  It is up to the dealership personnel to verify that this data is showing properly in the new CRM system.  It is the responsibility of the new CRM company to train the staff around proper use of the new tool. Finally, it is up to the dealership management to enforce and regulate the use of the tool within their store.

Every store that I have worked in has had a CRM in place. It was always up to me to figure out how it worked on my own.  I am not technically savvy, by any means. But I always figured out how to do what I needed to do, to get my customer in that tool and sell them a car.  If there was an issue with logging calls, I figured out how to get around it.  If there was an abundance of auto emails, I worked out a way to stop them.  Maybe I am the exception to the rule but I used that CRM to the best of my ability.  After all, it held all of my customer information.  It was the only place I knew where to find the best way to communicate with them to sell them a car.  This is also where I looked if an issue came up with that sale or if I wanted to approach them for another sale.

Of course, I also ran into those select few people that complained about the system:

“It doesn’t send emails correctly!”

“I don’t receive any of my follow up emails!”

“Where in the world do I find my sold customers?”

Sound Familiar? What I found with these people was that they blamed the system for doing things they did not understand how to change or make work to their advantage.

Whose responsibility is it to train these sales people and maintain their knowledge of the tools they are given?  Their managers? The CRM Software provider? Themselves?

At iMagicLab, I am a trainer.  I work with a great team to make sure I have all of the tools I need, to provide my clients with the information they need, to make a living.  However, we can only do so much to help.  We offer some fantastic resources to Dealers and their employees in order to give them the tools to use their CRM system to it’s full potential.  With so much turnover in staff in this lovely world we call the car business, is it logical to assume someone will be there every week, month, or year to continuously train people that may move on to another career in a month?  This is why iMagicLab offers iML University, a collection of training videos and tutorials right in DealerCRM. It’s available 24/7 at no additional cost to assist Dealers in training and educating their staff during the ramp up to their debut on the Sales Floor. It’s also useful to more experienced members of the team as changes and updates occur within the CRM tool.

It is up to  the dealership management to verify their staff understands the use of the CRM System and that they complete training.  iML University also offers tracking so that management can see their teams progress through the university courses.  It is up to them to maintain their knowledge by holding them accountable in the use of said tool.  Management expects you to know the product you are selling, shouldn’t it be fair that you know the tools you use to sell the product?

For those who don’t have the patience to view videos looking for answers we have a searchable database of Frequently Asked Questions in our DealerCRM Support Center.  This knowledge base is added to daily and offers answers for most of the common questions regarding the functions and use of DealerCRM and soon CRMSuite.  We do understand that sometimes a video or general FAQ article aren’t going to answer your specific question however.  And for that reason we’ve launched something really exciting within the last two weeks.  LIVE CHAT!

Have you used our Live Chat button on your MyDay Page yet?  If not, give it a click and let us know what you think. You can chat live Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm with actual iMagicLab, DealerCRM experts. It’s not a computer and it’s not a call center who are going to reply to you. These are genuine iMagicLab trainers and support team members who work in the tool daily, such as myself. We are here to get you straight to the information you need to continue on with your day and to be as productive as possible.

Give it a whirl and let us know what you think!

Simply Hit the Live Chat Button/Help Button on your MyDay Page or visit the DealerCRM Support Center

DealerCRM Support Center

iMagicLab DealerCRM Support Center Website