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World Class Support from iMagicLab

iMagicLab is pleased to announce that our new Sarasota Support Center is online and ready to assist our Dealer Partners. To reach us dial (855)-iMAGIC-1, email or use the live chat option from the help button in your tool (or direct at So phone, email or chat, and here’s the best part, from 8am EST to 11pm EST, 7 days a week. That’s right, we’re now open weekends and until 11PM on the East Coast, 8PM on the West Coast, everyday!

In addition, there are thousands of help documents, videos and even a community (to chat with us and other dealers in) on our support portal at!

Get to know the new iMagicLab, we’ve grown and changed a lot and we’d love to talk!


Richard Keith Latman
Chief Executive Officer
iMagicLab LLC

P.S. Have you seen the new CRMSuite yet? We’re so proud and it’s now in dealerships nationwide. It’s completely different, just click the DEMO button below and we’ll get you setup today for a Free Demo!

Free Demo_CRMSuite_Blue


Four square got you down?

Four square got you down? It should. Still penciling customers with a fun colored Sharpie and writing “You Win!” with a smiley face? You shouldn’t be…

Why work the Four Square when you can present your customers with a slick and professional AutoPencil worksheet? With an AutoPencil worksheet, you can give the customers various options to choose from all on one screen. You can even do this from a tablet as you’re sitting comfortably with them inside the vehicle as opposed to dragging them into the lion’s den of the showroom. Don’t give them a number and work down, why not present numerous payment scenarios with down payment options, term options and APR’s? Don’t negotiate with YOUR money, negotiate with THEIRS. They’ll respect your transparency and ability to adjust to their needs and financial means.


Each Pencil includes everything your customers could possibly need to know all in one place. This includes their monthly payments and down payment options, interest rates and fees and taxes. We also throw in Rates, Money Factors, Residuals and Incentives. Every number relating to the deal in a clear, professional and easy to read format for both the Sales Rep and the customer.


If you went to a bank for a loan would you trust them, or take them even remotely seriously, if they presented the terms of your loan with hand written figures and smiley faces? What if they were doing so while running back and forth to their superiors for the “go ahead” on the terms of your loan? AutoPencil makes the negotiating process seamless. You never leave your customers side, giving them time to create doubts and come up with objections. You’re penciling the deal in a matter of minutes, not hours of hurry up and wait, while other Reps compete for your attention trying to accomplish the same.

From a legal standpoint, your dealership is charged with the task of saving each step of every pencil in your customer’s file. With all of the paperwork your salespeople handle, prior to the deal going to the Finance Department, how much do they lose or have to redo? Remember, we are talking about the very same salespeople who find keys in their desks months after you pay to replace them. How many half filled out credit apps do you find in desks once someone leaves? That said, how many steps of your pencil process get thrown away or misplaced? AutoPencil not only allows you to present numbers to your customers in a professional, efficient and trustworthy way, it also eliminates any human error in those pesky compliance rules.

Let’s all agree on something, shall we? Sharpies should be reserved for labeling moving boxes and emojies saved for text messages. No more telling the customer they’ve won, let’s make them feel like they have with AutoPencil. And ok, you can still draw a smiley face on the screen with your finger if you REALLY have to once you both reach an agreement.

Blast Every Lead to Every Salesman: Automatically

A New Way to Handle Leads is Coming – Round Robin is Dead

Next week iMagicLab’s DealerCRM will add a second way of distributing leads to your staff and we call it LeadBlast. Our existing system will remain an option. However, now when you receive a new lead, you will have an option to LeadBlast it to as many phones (by text or email addresses) as you want (up to 25) every 10 minutes. The first person to respond to that lead by calling, emailing or texting the customer will get the lead and, well, everyone else can go back to sleep. What better way to get your leads responded to at any time, day or night, than to let the people who want to help customers, get to work with your customers, who want to buy cars. We’ll tell you when it’s live in your accounts next week and oh, BTW, it’s free.

Have a great holiday weekend!

Instant Gratification: CRM Support

In this day and age, we all want instant gratification.  Nothing happens as fast as we would like it to.  We have a problem, we want it solved, instantly.  We have a question, we want it answered, now.  I find this to be true in everyday life, as well as with our Dealer Partners who use iMagicLab’s DealerCRM.

We have changed the way we answer your questions.  Up until last month, we had InstaHelp. InstaHelp allowed you to ask a question or state a problem and then go about your business. It would cause our cell phone to DING and we would snap into gear.  We would reply quickly with the solution to your problem or an answer to your question and you would continue with your day.  There was something lacking with InstaHelp in the sense that it wasn’t INSTANT!  We could reply in a couple of minutes or longer depending on the problem or question but it wasn’t RIGHT NOW.  That has changed…

Chat Window

In April, we at iMagicLab introduced Live Chat.  It just showed up one day as a little icon on your MyDay screen.  A few of you reached out and thought we were chats that popped up from customers interested in a new vehicle.  Some of you didn’t appreciate the the location of the button and asked us to move it, which we did.  Others really embraced it.  Either way, we paved the way for you to get Instant Gratification for your DealerCRM support team.  Thus allowing our users to reach out to iMagicLab in real time to acknowledge and resolve your DealerCRM query.

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 10.52.58 AM

Within hours of introducing Live Chat, we came out with our DealerCRM Support Center website which allows quick searches for your everyday questions.  We have iML University on the right side of your MyDay page, but for some, it wasn’t quick enough.  The introduction of this Support Center page allows you to search key words and phrases pertaining to actions in DealerCRM.  It also allows you to find answers to the quick “techie” questions that we all have issues with when it comes to software requirements.  I am not a computer savvy person, by any means, if my computer were to break I would crawl into a corner and cry!  I find the Support Center easy to navigate.  It’s also there whenever I have a question on how to clear my cache, how to give Adobe some permission that I didn’t know it needed or to explain to me how to tell the Chrome PDF viewer to go away and allow the Adobe PDF viewer to do its job.

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 10.56.17 AM

We have also just implemented our new Activity Alerts.  It seems that most of our Dealer Partners are really taking a liking to the change.  The new Activity Alerts allow you to respond directly to the customer after clicking a link to view the details of the alert and then the response is automatically added to the customer record.  It also provides you with a link to open up in a SMS text message alert that allows you to text, email, or call your customer back!  How instant is that?!?!  Pretty awesome if I do say so myself! (For more about alerts be sure to view our support center article regarding setting up Activity Alerts)

So, needless to say, most of us want answers and help NOW!  Here at iMagicLab, we provide those answers instantly via Live Chat (Monday-Friday 9am-6pm EST) on your MyDay page and in our DealerCRM Support Center which is available 24 hours a day!  How much more instant can you get?  Not sure about the rest of the CRM providers out there, but I think we have this one covered!

Have you used the new Live Chat and/or Support Center?  What are your thoughts on iMagicLab’s new Support model?  Whether you want to Chat, Call, Email or look the information up yourself, we have set up our support with your wants and needs in mind.

“At iML, as part of this new rebuild of our company, we’ve also changed the training model.”
– Richard Keith Latman, Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder of iMagicLab

In Sunday’s blog from Richard Keith Latman, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of iMagicLab, he discusses iMagicLab’s redesigned training philosophy.

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