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DealerCRM: Your Personal Secretary

Who can remember the names of prospect customers from last month, let alone if and when to contact them again? Will you remember if they had a vehicle they wanted to sell, a co-signer, how much of an investment they were able to work with, which vehicle they were interested in, features that were a must and what color they preferred? No, not even your BEST salesperson could possible retain all that information for each opportunity. With iMagicLab’s DealerCRM or CRMSuite, you won’t have to. With our personalized features which allow the CRM to act like your very own secretary, all you have to do is remember how to say, “Hello.”

Action Plans are created manually by someone at your dealership. They are fully customizable and unique to your store. Meaning, if you would like an alert to call a prospect the day after you meet, send a “thank you” email three days after or a reminder to reach out again in two weeks, it is completely up to you. There are usually one or two people, in any given store, who have the PIN number to access your store’s Actions Plans. While iMagicLab won’t change your actions plans or simply assign a generic action plan to your store we do offer guidance and feedback to help your store get the maximum benefit from the Action Plans and close more often. And who doesn’t like more money in their pocket?

What is the best kind of customer? One who will pay cash? A business man with a large down payment? An eager first time buyer willing to get into anything? An older person you can slam? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, please do yourself a favor, and find a new career. The best kind of customer is a Return Customer – one who keeps coming back. It means you’ve done your job, and excellently at that. If you don’t like your hairstylist – and let’s be real, that’s major – you’re not going to go back!┬áTrust is a large factor, in creating repeat customers, and in reality you only have about five minutes to build that trust.

People have busy lives, but I guarantee they will remember when their current lease is up or their financing is coming to an end. Who doesn’t count the days until that final car payment is in the mail? But, will you remember those dates for each of your previous customers? Probably not. Let us remember for you. Alerting you to get that customer back into the dealership will not only benefit them, but you as well. They have the chance to upgrade or go all out with a completely new model (everybody wants the new hotness on the lot) and you have a potential return buyer. Take advantage of that and let us help.

What have you found to be the most beneficial part of using DealerCRM or CRMSuite to personalize your store’s action plans and/or help you to follow up with past customers and potential opportunities?

We can Hardly Contain Ourselves...

What do Google and iMagicLab have planned for the automobile CRM space?

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Activity Alerts Now Cut Response Time in Half

Leads, emails texts and other notices now are sent via text to allow your sales team to respond instantly from wherever they are.

It's not a myth, leads sell cars

Focus on selling cars, we’ll make sure you don’t drop the ball.

Over the past 10 years we’ve watched what dealers do well, and what they don’t. Getting hold of your new leads on day one is critical and stopping the clock within 30 minutes is critical. iMagicLab’s DealerCRM and CRMSuite will make sure you don’t miss sales by missing the customer during this crucial period. Statistically if you reach your customer on the day they submit the lead your odds of selling them a car go up by 62%.

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Tired of trying to Stop the Clock?

Tired of trying to Stop the Clock?

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Celebrating 10 years of iMagicLab

Today iMagicLab celebrates Ten Years of serving our Amazing Dealer Partners.
Thank you for coming with us on a fantastic journey and allowing us to help you drive your business to Excellence!