In the high stakes arena of automotive dealership sales, customer relations are a critical “make or break” success factor. iMagicLab provides unique processes and functionality to enhance the customer experience at your store, as well as build long term loyalty to you and your dealership. Our CRM solutions provide valuable marketing, desking and reporting tools to bring customers back into the showroom and service drive for future purchases and fixed opps profitability.

Key Components of our Automotive CRM Software: DealerCRM

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Increased Dealership Visibility – Built-in technology, makes it easy to deliver sales and service specials to customers, in addition to service reminders. You stay in constant contact and give your customers a reason to re-engage with your dealership.

Web-based CRM Tool – Our Customer Relationship Management tools are Web-based, as opposed to Server-based. What does this mean for your store? We house the servers and equipment, which host your system, and all of it’s data. And in turn, you not only save money on the hardware, but you can access your system anywhere you have an internet connection, anytime.

Sales Tracking at a Management Level – A host of reports are available to provide the necessary data to measure productivity and find opportunities for improvement.

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Sales Tracking at a Sales Rep Level – We also offer a Leaderboard at the Sales Rep level to show reps where they rank at any given time.



Call Tracking and Texting – Send and receive texts from your customers in addition to tracking every phone call made or received. Do both right out of the box, without the need for additional hardware or reprogramming of your existing phone system.

Cut Advertising and Marketing Cost – Complete integration of sales and service efforts to reduce expensive overlapping campaigns. Dial in responsive direct marketing for your dealership. Even preview individual campaigns from right within the report.
Campaign Management

Comprehensive e-Learning Video Courses – We offer quick on-boarding and continued education for your entire team with iML University.
Courses iMLUManagement can track store progress through the training materials via the iML University Report all the way down to the individual rep and course section.
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Accessible Support Team – We understand what it’s like to need an answer or a fix instantly. That’s why we offer several avenues for Support.

Our support team is available and responsive when the majority of dealers are operating their businesses to ensure that we get your questions and concerns addressed on your schedule. While our Support Center is available to answer frequently asked questions and take your email support enquiries anytime, day or night.

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The benefits, features and advantages available with iMagicLab are expansive. While the above only touches on a few features our knowledgable sales solutions team is available around the clock to answer questions and set up a demo for your store or group. We’ll dig in and show you how iMagicLab is the most cutting edge CRM for your team. Simply click the image to the left to be routed to our contact page on our website and reach one of our sales solutions specialists.